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Suddenly we find ourselves in a world where standing up for the "universal and fundamental natural right to bodily integrity" results in discrimination, layoffs and social exclusion. Censorship, once unimaginable, has become the norm, discussing facts online leads to de-platforming and elections result in the same Build Back Better policy.

WAIT believes that the management of the corona crisis and the loss of civil rights is symptomatic for fundamental flaws in our Western democracies, and that the classical political system of representative democracy no longer adequately embodies citizens' rights and their interests.

As the executive branch has become increasingly technocratic, globalist and powerful, citizenship's role as electoral guardians of the democratic system has been reduced to mere symbolism. As voters are no longer able to influence large-scale policies at the national level we are in danger of quickly becoming more like China than our Western liberal societies.

It is our conviction that if we want to prevent the permanent loss of fundamental freedoms and human rights, citizens must find another way to unite into a new collective, in a manner that adequately reflects the challenges and opportunities of a hyper-digitized world.

All progress begins with an ideal, and ours is a society in which people are treated first as human beings and then as citizens, and it should be firmly translated into our constitutions and treaties.


Inspired by the United States Declaration of Independence, the centerpiece of our movement is the introduction of the Declaration of Sovereignty.

By signing this document, all world citizens can, for the first time in human history, symbolically, but no less boldly, proclaim their status as equal participants in society under natural law as well as in the rule of law, with certain inalienable rights in relation to their governments and international bodies.

It is from this perspective that the rights and responsibilities of the individual should be translated to the many, and vice versa, building a much stronger foundation for a more just society.

Join us today. Together we can work to protect our civil rights and empower society, especially in the areas of privacy, bodily integrity and online data.
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