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'We the People' Must Unite Globally

Dear independent thinkers,

The establishment has spent decades preparing for the rise of global governance, while those it leaves behind are only now beginning to comprehend its implications. We must confront the unsettling truth that traditional democracy, where citizens act as guardians of the system, is no longer sufficient to safeguard our freedoms. Failure to unite will inevitably lead us down a dystopian path, governed by a small technocratic ruling class—a scenario eerily reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s 'Brave New World.' This novel, originally intended as a warning, appears to have been co-opted as a blueprint for a ‘New World Order’ (NWO), making it all the more crucial for 'we the people' to unite and take action.

Over the summer we have had the pleasure of welcoming many new members. While it is encouraging to witness the awakening of so many to this threat, most individuals are attempting to resist within the confines of the traditional democratic system. However, it's imperative to confront the stark reality that the democracy we once knew is now obsolete. For democracy to be effective, it relies on the proper functioning of the separation of powers (legislative, executive, and judicial). Without it, citizens cannot be adequately protected against government overreach, and the core principle of the consent of the governed is undermined. This is precisely the juncture where we find ourselves today.

Evolved over time, globalism is propelled by a merger of public-private partnership, also known as stakeholder capitalism, which has completely eroded the Westphalian principle of national sovereignty. Its mechanism involves a technocratic agenda, driven by a false belief in 'limits to growth', leading to questionable depopulation motives and ultimately to aspirations for transhumanism, which poses a direct challenge to our basic freedoms and even to the survival of the human race itself. While these claims may still seem alarmist to many, an increasing number of individuals are awakening to this reality. They recognize the urgent need for a comprehensive strategy and counterforce to protect our democratic values and preserve our Western way of life.

As many of you know last month, by the time of this blogpost, I had the pleasure of joining Jeremy Nell on TNT Radio to discuss the World Alliance of Independent Thinkers (WAIT!) and our transformative 5-step roadmap. Jerm and I share concerns that our democratic system of governance has been taken over by globalism and a rebalancing of power is crucial. To address these pressing challenges, citizens (and small & medium enterprises) require fresh and forward-thinking methods to participate once again in decision-making on a global scale.

Enter the World Alliance of Independent Thinkers, a 21st century think tank and non-establishment advocacy with a clear mission: to unite citizens globally under the banner of individual sovereignty and human values, with the aim to safeguard democratic governance and human rights. Its wide-ranging call-to-action envisions a new system of governance tailored to our complex and rapidly evolving world:

Step 1: ‘We the People' Must Unite Globally

Our reformation begins with unity, bringing together citizens worldwide under the banner of individual sovereignty and shared human values. United, we form a formidable global force to counter the antidemocratic globalist coup d'état. Go to our Declaration of Sovereignty to join us in this battle.

Step 2: Amending Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

We're advocating for a vital amendment to elevate individual sovereignty within the definition of human rights. Human beings must be recognized as the highest unit of value under God. This change ensures institutions serve humanity, not the other way around.

Step 3: Introducing the Fourth Citizen Branch

Representing 'We the People,' our innovative approach expands the broken separation of powers to include a Fourth Citizen Branch. This helps to recalibrate the balance of power and to reinstate the crucial democratic principle of government by the consent of the governed.

Step 4: Embracing the Governing Principle of Subsidiarity

We're reforming by embracing subsidiarity, pushing decision-making authority to the most local level possible. Problems and opportunities need to be addressed in the field, not behind a technocrat's desk. This empowerment results in a more responsive, robust, and decentralized governance system.

Step 5: Reviving Enlightenment Values

At the core of our vision is the revival of Enlightenment values: reason, individualism, and empiricism. These values promote pluralism, fostering open debate, adaptability, and tolerance of diverse perspectives. It champions human curiosity, our driving force for collective progress, by encouraging inquiry and embracing varied viewpoints.

In our one-hour conversation, Jerm and I deep dive into this strange and dangerous world we live in and I share in further detail why I believe reforming our democratic system is essential and why time is of the essence. If this message resonates with you, please join us by endorsing WAIT's Declaration of Sovereignty, allowing individuals across the globe to symbolically reaffirm their shared humanity within the global community.

It is up to 'We the People' to protect and strengthen our democratic values, human rights, and individual liberties. Let's do it.


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