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We don’t have an information deficit crisis. We know what is going on, why it is going and who is doing it. Our problem is their strength. We need a rebalancing of power. @WAITorg proposes a return to Democratic First Principles inspired by the US Declaration of Independence.


The observation has been made by many and often; we are going through a massive change in our western democracies. The management of the corona crisis and the loss of civil rights has exposed fundamental and dangerous constitutional flaws in our part of the world. Citizens can no longer defend themselves against an executive that organizes itself internationally, away from the Westphalian principle of national sovereignty. Leaving us with an uneasy reality that our classical political system of representative democracy no longer adequately embodies citizens' rights and their interests.

As the executive branch has become increasingly technocratic, globalist and powerful, citizenship's role as electoral guardians of the democratic system has been reduced to mere symbolism. Voters, no longer able to influence large-scale policies at a national level, are in danger of quickly finding themselves living in a world more like China than our liberal societies.

"Suddenly we find ourselves in a world were standing up for the "universal and fundamental natural right to bodily integrity" results in discrimination, layoffs, and social exclusion. Censorship, once unimaginable, has become the norm, discussing facts online leads to de-platforming and elections result in the same Build Back Better policy."

Conspiracy Realism

Most western governments, regardless of party or politics, corporations and institutions are following the same Davos script. Dissenting political voices are drowned out, scientific debate is silenced, and critical citizens have become powerless bystanders. One of the most ridiculed Conspiracy Theories is quickly turning in what is now called Conspiracy Realism, that of a behind-the-scenes New World Order working towards global technocratic governance. It is real.

"A truly global network of corporations, think-tanks, private foundations, intergovernmental organisations, NGOs and governments work in partnership to convert global policy agendas into policy and legislation at the national and local government level. This is the Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P) and its reach extends to every nation."
- Iain Davis, In This Together

The power, due to the super-mergence of the establishment as described as G3P, is of such magnitude that we cannot vote our way out of its technocratic grip. Digitalization, legacy and social-media, steeped in weaponized Newspeak parlance of a kind that would put Orwell to shame, has strengthened and facilitated the dominance over its citizens to heights previously unthinkable. Most people are hypnotized by the daily stream of irrational and contrarian propaganda; black is white, up is down, right is wrong, and more importantly, totalitarianism is democracy, leaving a confused, tired and fractured society in its wake.


With all major policies now being decided internationally from the top down, we must face up to the conclusion that our early modern western democratic ideals and systems, as ushered in by the American Revolution and the introduction of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, is dead. If 'We the People' do not find a way back towards a rebalancing of power, freedom as we knew it may be lost for generations to come.

But do we even understand what this means? Have we in the West not become complacent about the meaning and importance of democratic first principles? I would suggest that questions most of us need to reflect on are; what is democracy, what is freedom and which price are you willing to pay for it?

WAIT argues the three most important Democratic First Principles are: FREEDOM OF SPEECH, BODILY INTEGRITY AND PRIVACY. If these are not the unwavering cornerstones of our societies, all we are left with is dictatorship in disguise of liberalism.


To help prevent further erosion of our liberties, the World Alliance of Independent Thinkers has developed a comprehensive four step strategy to return to the essential equilibrium of the western liberal structure of power. It leans on knowledge and insights about human nature and the importance of moral, psychological, and symbolic efforts to be able to organize on a level of engagement needed to push back against the antidemocratic attacks on civil liberties and a return to normalcy.

All progress begins with an ideal, and ours is a society in which people are recognized first as human beings and then as citizens, and it should be firmly translated into our constitutions and treaties. So here is what we introduce:


By signing our Declaration of Sovereignty global citizens can unite around one common ideal and proclaim their autonomy as it relates to current political realities


​Our goal is to reach a critical mass of millions of people and to develop into an independent collective fit for the complex challenges of a hyper-digitized 21st century


​Using strength in numbers we shall introduce legal and philosophical arguments in order to upgrade outdated democratic constitutions and treaties


Rebuilding rational dialogue across the board, from local to international politics, on democratic and liberal first principles

Our Manifesto allows global citizens, symbolically at first but no less boldly, to reassert their sovereignty in relation to their governments and international bodies and express the ideal to work together as equal partners in society, instead of being subservient to stakeholder capitalism, out-of-date constitutions and international treaties.

You can join us by signing our Declaration of Sovereignty. It is anonymous, no one will know unless you will tell: You can also help us by sharing it. The more people unite with us the better we can work towards future fit for the complex realities of a hyper-digitized future.



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