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Globalism, an opportunity?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Today is a good day to share with you our updated Position Summary. It is version 2.5.

Why is it a good day? We've been welcoming a lot of new members over the last few weeks and I have yet to thank them for supporting WAIT. Sharing our updated reasoning behind our vision seems appropriate, if just slightly self-serving.

The reason the title of our manifesto is Globalism, an opportunity? is twofold. One, I am certain within the emerging Multipolar World that "Globalism" will be the predominant system of Governance for the West for the next 100 to 150 years. The executive has clearly been preparing for this shift away from the sovereignty of nation states for quite some time.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in my opinion inevitable as the three main actors on the world stage will profit from a hyper-digitized and centralized technological surveillance apparatus which includes Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital vaccination passports and QR codes for all for all public places. It's a Technocratic wet dream.

The non-establishment has not been able to realign themselves to this new reality yet, which is one of the reasons for the unrest among those of us who are awake instead of woke. In true Aikido style, let's explore if we can move with this flow and use it to update our outdated social contract that improves on what the West positively attributed to modern humanity. There are many opportunities, but first we need to strengthen our standing under international law.

The reason WAIT focusses on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that it contains both the fundamental flaw and contradiction of our modern system of governance, but also the proverbial achilles heel of the would-be Stakeholder Capitalists. History teaches us that moral right always triumphs in the end over ideals that conflict with a universal moral code. It is up to us to embrace and protect these intrinsic laws.

Let me know your thoughts and additional insights.

Cheers! Jeroen

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