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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Municipal elections have just been held in the Netherlands. WAIT, as a Dutch organization, has tried to point out to voters that casting a vote in the current globalist field of influence only leads to the maintenance of a system that no longer represents them and one which can no longer influence the most important political issues on the national level.

The election results confirm that real opposition to general policies and the establishment cannot gain a foothold. In a world where everything seems turned upside down, many will see the rampant demonization of anyone who does not support a radicalized woke agenda (cancel culture, climate change, mass immigration and war in Ukraine etc.) as an example that our democracy actually works.

To illustrate: the Dutch state television NOS and all other mainstream media have systematically offered the incumbent parties a platform while opposition parties have been excluded. Our Prime Minister Mark Rutte has even refused to debate with parties such as Forum for Democracy (FVD) and BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB).

The fact that the rather new BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer Citizen Movement in English) came out of the ballot box as the largest party seems to contradict the above argumentation. However, if you look at the voting behavior of this party during the last term of office, it appears that there can be no question of a real opposition party. Almost all dossiers are voted along with the positions of the current cabinet.

As independent thinkers you are of course familiar with the current witch hunt against Dutch farms, one of the most efficient, clean and successful agricultural operations in the world. As a political party claiming to represent farmers, it is of course extremely strange that BBB does not take a firm(er) stance against the proposal to forcibly expropriate farmland in favor of a non-existent nitrogen problem. Just taking this stance makes any conclusion other than that BBB is controlled opposition difficult to make.

What we are left with are millions of disenfranchised voters who look for answers. They won't find them as long as they keep searching within the existing paradigm. WAIT shall continue to inform anyone who cares to listen that our representative democracy is dead. Paradoxically, perhaps ironically even, any real opposition and strive for an anti-globalist future can only happen when citizens regain a political seat at the table in alignment with the political reality of a one world order evolving under the architecture of the United Nations.

How? You can read (and share) our arguments and call-to-action here:



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