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In an era marked by increasing globalism and the consolidation of power, the world is witnessing a shift in the dynamics of governance. Traditional democratic paradigms are facing unprecedented challenges, with citizens feeling disconnected and disempowered. In response to these pressing issues, the World Alliance of Independent Thinkers (WAIT) has devised a visionary roadmap for citizen empowerment and the revitalization of democracy. This blog post delves into WAIT's comprehensive roadmap, which aims to usher in Democracy 4.0, a new era of inclusive governance.

Understanding the Challenges of Globalism

Globalism, as manifested in initiatives like Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset, presents a formidable challenge to democratic principles. The convergence of government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations under supranational organizations has led to a compromising of the delicate balance of power within democratic systems. This section explores the impact of globalism on democracy and highlights the urgency for a proactive response.

Uniting Citizens in a New Political Manner

WAIT advocates for citizens to transcend traditional political divides and unite in a new manner that centers around common principles and shared goals. This new political approach emphasizes citizen empowerment, grassroots activism, and informed engagement. By moving beyond the constraints of traditional party politics, citizens can form a strong and united front to protect democratic values.

Introducing the Fourth Citizens Branch

At the core of WAIT's roadmap lies the establishment of the Fourth Citizens Branch, a transformative paradigm known as Democracy 4.0. This new branch seeks to rebalance the forces of globalism by actively involving a united global citizenry in decision-making processes. WAIT envisions a more accountable, participatory, and transparent political environment where citizens have a direct voice in shaping their own future.

Amending Article 29 for Individual Empowerment

WAIT draws inspiration from historical movements and influential thinkers like John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. The philosophical foundations of individual rights and limited government power form the bedrock of democratic ideals. By calling for the amendment of Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), WAIT firmly advocates for the individual human as the highest unit of value. This amendment is crucial to reclaim individual rights and counterbalance supranational influences.

Promoting the Principle of Subsidiarity

WAIT champions the principle of subsidiarity, recognizing the importance of decision-making authority at the lowest possible level. Empowering communities through elected representation fosters inclusivity and ensures decisions reflect the needs and aspirations of the people directly affected. Subsidiarity plays a vital role in building a democratic future where citizens are active participants in shaping their own destinies.

Embrace Democracy 4.0 with WAIT

The challenges of globalism demand a bold and visionary response, and WAIT's roadmap for Democracy 4.0 provides just that. By uniting citizens in a new political manner, establishing the Fourth Citizens Branch, amending Article 29, and promoting subsidiarity, WAIT offers a comprehensive vision for citizen empowerment and a brighter democratic future. It is time for individuals to take action, reclaim their voices, and shape a society that reflects their values and aspirations. Together, let us embrace Democracy 4.0 and build a future where the power truly resides with the people. Join WAIT in this transformative journey towards a more just and equitable world.


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Updated: May 21


In a world where globalism has gained unprecedented influence and where the power of international institutions continues to grow, the fundamental principles of democracy as we once knew them are under threat. The forces of globalization (public-private partnerships and stakeholder capitalism) have reshaped the political landscape, leaving us with a stark reality: democracy as we knew it is dead. But amidst this evolving landscape, a new vision emerges – Democracy 4.0, as championed by the World Alliance of Independent Thinkers (WAIT).

The Reality of Globalism:

Globalism, with its emphasis on interdependence and interconnectedness, has undeniably altered the dynamics of nation-states and challenged the traditional concept of national and individual sovereignty. International institutions such as the United Nations (UN) and by extension their organizations and partners, have seen an exponential increase in their power and influence, often at the expense of individual nations' autonomy. As the globalist agenda prevails, the protection of human rights becomes increasingly compromised, leaving individuals and nations at the mercy of supranational entities. This new political paradigm calls for a radical reevaluation of our democratic systems.

Unveiling Democracy 4.0:

Democracy 4.0 represents our bold vision for the future. It is an answer to the erosion of individual and national sovereignty, the concentration of power, and the marginalization of ordinary citizens. At WAIT, we firmly believe that true democracy must be rooted in the principles of individual sovereignty and bottom-up governance. We developed four comprehensive call to actions:

Unifying Ideal: Individual Sovereignty

In today's interconnected world, where power is concentrated in the hands of a few, it is crucial to bring together a critical mass of like-minded sovereign individuals and organizations. By joining forces under the unifying ideal of individual sovereignty, we can create an uncontroversial yet powerful force capable of challenging the status quo. Through strength in numbers, we aim to amplify our voices and push for meaningful reforms that prioritize the interests of "We the People." Together, we can reclaim our influence and regain a political seat at the table that has been eroded by external forces.

Reforming the Trias Politica:

A key aspect of Democracy 4.0 is the reform of the Trias Politica (the traditional seperation of powers). We advocate for the establishment of a Fourth Citizens Branch, which serves as a counter-force to the prevailing power structures. This branch ensures that the voices and interests of individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and organizations are adequately represented in policy-making processes. By empowering citizens to actively participate in shaping decisions that affect their lives, we aim to restore the balance of power and create a more democratic society.

Amending Article 29: Protecting Individual Sovereignty:

WAIT recognizes the need to protect individual sovereignty in the face of global challenges. To achieve this, we advocate for the amendment of Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). By redefining individual rights as the Highest Unit of Value, firmly reflected in deterministic documents such as the UDHR, we empower individuals to thrive in an interconnected world while safeguarding their autonomy and decision-making power. Join us in our efforts to ensure that individual sovereignty remains at the core of democratic governance.

Revitalizing Enlightenment Principles:

Enlightenment principles such as reason, liberty, equality, and justice have guided the development of democratic societies. At WAIT, we emphasize the revitalization of these principles in the context of Democracy 4.0. Reason must prevail over dogma, liberty and equality must be safeguarded for all, justice must be upheld and free speech and free markets go hand in hand. By aligning our actions with these core values, we can forge a path toward a more democratic, equitable, and prosperous society.

Join the Movement:

WAIT is more than just a vision; it is a global movement of independent thinkers, organizations, and individuals who are committed to reshaping the future of democracy. We invite you to join us in this journey toward a world where individual sovereignty is protected, citizens actively participate in decision-making, and the voices of the people are heard.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Sign up as a WAIT member: Visit our website and become a member of WAIT. It's free and anonymous. By joining us, you become part of a global community dedicated to advocating for individual sovereignty and reshaping democratic governance.

  2. Spread the Word: Share our vision and initiatives on social media platforms, engage in discussions, and raise awareness about the importance of individual sovereignty and inclusive democracy. Together, we can amplify our voices and reach a wider audience.

  3. Participate in Initiatives: Get involved in our initiatives, campaigns, and projects aimed at promoting Democracy 4.0. Whether it's through research, activism, or community-building, your contribution can make a meaningful impact.

  4. Collaborate and Connect: Connect with fellow independent thinkers, organizations, and activists within the WAIT community. Collaboration is key to effecting change. Share ideas, exchange knowledge, and work together toward our common goal of reshaping democracy.

  5. Support and Donate: Financial contributions play a vital role in sustaining our initiatives and expanding our reach. Consider supporting WAIT through donations or sponsorships, enabling us to continue our work in promoting Democracy 4.0 and protecting individual sovereignty.


The time for change is now. Join the World Alliance of Independent Thinkers (WAIT) and be part of a global movement dedicated to reshaping the future of democracy. Through our vision of Democracy 4.0, we seek to empower individuals, reform power structures, and uphold the principles of reason, liberty, equality, and justice. Together, let's forge a path toward a more inclusive, transparent, and participatory democratic system. Visit our website, sign up as a member, and join us in this transformative journey. Together, we can shape the future and create a world where the sovereignty of individuals is valued and protected.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Updated: Mar 17

Municipal elections have just been held in the Netherlands. WAIT, as a Dutch organization, has tried to point out to voters that casting a vote in the current globalist field of influence only leads to the maintenance of a system that no longer represents them and one which can no longer influence the most important political issues on the national level.

The election results confirm that real opposition to general policies and the establishment cannot gain a foothold. In a world where everything seems turned upside down, many will see the rampant demonization of anyone who does not support a radicalized woke agenda (cancel culture, climate change, mass immigration and war in Ukraine etc.) as an example that our democracy actually works.

To illustrate: the Dutch state television NOS and all other mainstream media have systematically offered the incumbent parties a platform while opposition parties have been excluded. Our Prime Minister Mark Rutte has even refused to debate with parties such as Forum for Democracy (FVD) and BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB).

The fact that the rather new BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer Citizen Movement in English) came out of the ballot box as the largest party seems to contradict the above argumentation. However, if you look at the voting behavior of this party during the last term of office, it appears that there can be no question of a real opposition party. Almost all dossiers are voted along with the positions of the current cabinet.

As independent thinkers you are of course familiar with the current witch hunt against Dutch farms, one of the most efficient, clean and successful agricultural operations in the world. As a political party claiming to represent farmers, it is of course extremely strange that BBB does not take a firm(er) stance against the proposal to forcibly expropriate farmland in favor of a non-existent nitrogen problem. Just taking this stance makes any conclusion other than that BBB is controlled opposition difficult to make.

What we are left with are millions of disenfranchised voters who look for answers. They won't find them as long as they keep searching within the existing paradigm. WAIT shall continue to inform anyone who cares to listen that our representative democracy is dead. Paradoxically, perhaps ironically even, any real opposition and strive for an anti-globalist future can only happen when citizens regain a political seat at the table in alignment with the political reality of a one world order evolving under the architecture of the United Nations.

How? You can read (and share) our arguments and call-to-action here:



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