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Updated: Mar 17

Municipal elections have just been held in the Netherlands. WAIT, as a Dutch organization, has tried to point out to voters that casting a vote in the current globalist field of influence only leads to the maintenance of a system that no longer represents them and one which can no longer influence the most important political issues on the national level.

The election results confirm that real opposition to general policies and the establishment cannot gain a foothold. In a world where everything seems turned upside down, many will see the rampant demonization of anyone who does not support a radicalized woke agenda (cancel culture, climate change, mass immigration and war in Ukraine etc.) as an example that our democracy actually works.

To illustrate: the Dutch state television NOS and all other mainstream media have systematically offered the incumbent parties a platform while opposition parties have been excluded. Our Prime Minister Mark Rutte has even refused to debate with parties such as Forum for Democracy (FVD) and BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB).

The fact that the rather new BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer Citizen Movement in English) came out of the ballot box as the largest party seems to contradict the above argumentation. However, if you look at the voting behavior of this party during the last term of office, it appears that there can be no question of a real opposition party. Almost all dossiers are voted along with the positions of the current cabinet.

As independent thinkers you are of course familiar with the current witch hunt against Dutch farms, one of the most efficient, clean and successful agricultural operations in the world. As a political party claiming to represent farmers, it is of course extremely strange that BBB does not take a firm(er) stance against the proposal to forcibly expropriate farmland in favor of a non-existent nitrogen problem. Just taking this stance makes any conclusion other than that BBB is controlled opposition difficult to make.

What we are left with are millions of disenfranchised voters who look for answers. They won't find them as long as they keep searching within the existing paradigm. WAIT shall continue to inform anyone who cares to listen that our representative democracy is dead. Paradoxically, perhaps ironically even, any real opposition and strive for an anti-globalist future can only happen when citizens regain a political seat at the table in alignment with the political reality of a one world order evolving under the architecture of the United Nations.

How? You can read (and share) our arguments and call-to-action here:



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Updated: Feb 13

Have you noticed that two things are unfolding? On the one hand more data is being exposed almost daily as to the corruption surrounding the mRNA shots, especially Pfizer's role in it, and on the other hand the establishment is doubling down on their push to continue the booster fallacy, with paid actors (sic) the likes of George Clooney, Sean Penn and Pink doing their damnest to earn their Big Pharma paychecks.

Yesterday, Brazil's newly "elected" President Lula has openly come out and said that “children have to be vaccinated", and if "they don’t have a vaccination certificate [...] the mother will lose the benefit”, referring to government financial aid. Imagine, with all the data available of the dangers of these shots now undeniable, as well as all the crimes committed and the lies exposed, to still go ahead with this madness, should tell you that nothing will stop these rogue executives.

While I have seen an increase of awareness about the fact that our democracies are under attack by a globalist takeover (frankly it's the largest coordinated international coup d'êtat ever) I fail to see the deeper understanding emerge among those who are awake instead of woke, that our institutions are so corrupted that we cannot fight the system from within.

This system has prepared for years for this moment and is evolving from a unipolar world towards a multipolar world order that, in the words of Vladimir Putin and China's Leader Xi Jinping, will "protect the United Nations-driven international architecture and the international law-based world order [and to] seek genuine multipolarity with the United Nations and its Security Council playing a central and coordinating role".

In this new world, which is evolving under the organizational structures of the United Nations away from national self-government towards 'stakeholder capitalism', citizens are required to take a democratic step back. Under stakeholder capitalism the legitimacy the ruling class needed from voters are no longer needed, de facto ending the political role citizens played for the last couple of centuries.

It is this reality that is at the heart of WAIT's call-to-action, the need to Amend Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Most people are oblivious to the very real dangers of this article, particularly paragraph 3, and remain blinded by the ideals that the UDHR represents, and understandably so. Article 29 (3), however, betrays one essential first principle, the proper hierarchy of citizens in relation to the society we are building together. Institutions are created in the service of humanity, not the other way around.

Frankly, I believe that amending this Article is the only initiative that represents a way out of the totalitarian grip we are already subject to. "We The People" need to align ourselves in a different manner within this new political reality. If this new world order wants to rule on the basis of international law, they can have it. This is the reason why WAIT suggests that we should in fact strive to become "peoples of law, not of governments."

I understand that the legal standing of human rights is a very complicated issue, but this article is fundamentally flawed. In the hands of a moral and just organization, which sees the rights of the individual as the highest good, it should not cause concern. However, in the hands of an anti-human, anti-democratic and technocratic body that puts itself above these Human Rights, it is potentially catastrophic.

Unfortunately, even legal philosophers seem oblivious to or deny its implications. Our human rights, contrary to the essence of the UDHR, are entirely conditional, and we have no impartial legal basis on which to take refuge from the latent tyranny of this organization, which has completely permeated our Western societies and supplanted the Westphalian principle of national sovereignty.

If we do not find a way to amend this article in a manner that independently protects our Human Rights, I am convinced that a digital social-credit-systems and passports, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and mandated vaccinations are inevitable. These are after all directly or indirectly part of the UN"s Agenda 2030.

WAIT's goal is to set up a taskforce of independent thinkers to introduce legal and philosophical arguments in order to upgrade our outdated democratic institutions. To help us achieve our goals, you can invite your network to sign up easily and anonymously here:

If you are inspired to help us in any additional way please reach out to me. I can use all the support I can get in order to reach more people and in a much more professional manner.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Jeroen (@) wait-org (dot) com

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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Today is a good day to share with you our updated Position Summary. It is version 2.5.

Why is it a good day? We've been welcoming a lot of new members over the last few weeks and I have yet to thank them for supporting WAIT. Sharing our updated reasoning behind our vision seems appropriate, if just slightly self-serving.

The reason the title of our manifesto is Globalism, an opportunity? is twofold. One, I am certain within the emerging Multipolar World that "Globalism" will be the predominant system of Governance for the West for the next 100 to 150 years. The executive has clearly been preparing for this shift away from the sovereignty of nation states for quite some time.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in my opinion inevitable as the three main actors on the world stage will profit from a hyper-digitized and centralized technological surveillance apparatus which includes Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital vaccination passports and QR codes for all for all public places. It's a Technocratic wet dream.

The non-establishment has not been able to realign themselves to this new reality yet, which is one of the reasons for the unrest among those of us who are awake instead of woke. In true Aikido style, let's explore if we can move with this flow and use it to update our outdated social contract that improves on what the West positively attributed to modern humanity. There are many opportunities, but first we need to strengthen our standing under international law.

The reason WAIT focusses on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that it contains both the fundamental flaw and contradiction of our modern system of governance, but also the proverbial achilles heel of the would-be Stakeholder Capitalists. History teaches us that moral right always triumphs in the end over ideals that conflict with a universal moral code. It is up to us to embrace and protect these intrinsic laws.

Let me know your thoughts and additional insights.

Cheers! Jeroen

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