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"Did you know that article 29, paragraph 3, of the UDHR authorizes the United Nations (UN) to suspend or remove any individuals right or freedoms that is contrary to their proclaimed purposes and principles? And, more importantly, no due process of law exists to check this power?"

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) reads benignly enough, but as soon as you put it in the context of developments moving Western societies towards global governance under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), the danger of article 29 becomes apparent very fast.

Particularly in paragraph 3, the unilateral and unrestricted dominion over individual rights accrued to the UN, and by extension their organizations and partners (e.g., WHO and WEF), are simply too broad, especially as they pertain to freedom of speech, privacy and bodily integrity.


Unfortunately, most people are unaware of or deny the implications that our Human Rights are entirely conditional, and that we have no impartial legal basis to take refuge from the latent tyranny of this organization, which has completely permeated our Western democracies and has eroded the Westphalian principle of national sovereignty. 

To make matters worse, upcoming amendments to International Health Regulations will “place the WHO as having rights overriding that of individuals, erasing the basic principles developed after World War Two regarding human rights and the sovereignty of States.”

Undeniably, we have a limited opportunity to improve our outdated social contract, in order to protect and empower citizens in a way that does justice to the challenges of a hyper-digitized 21st century.

Inspired by the wisdom of the Founding Fathers we submit that Article 29 of the UDHR is fundamentally flawed and should be amended to return Humanity to its proper place in Natural Law.


Our goal is to set up a taskforce of independent thinkers to introduce legal and philosophical arguments and petitions to help upgrade our outdated democratic institutions.

Join us by signing this online manifest here.


Together we can work towards amending Article 29.

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